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Don’t Be Salty

Don’t Be Salty

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Say goodbye to bad vibes and hello to a more positive outlook with Don't Be Salty. This smooth and elegant blend features soft floral notes with salty highlights, creating a refreshing and uplifting aroma that helps you leave negative energy behind.
Crisp ozonic notes of sea salt evoke the feeling of a fresh sea breeze, while calming notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, and tonka bean add depth and complexity. Infused with natural essential oils, including orange, this scent has a bright and invigorating quality that helps you stay centered and focused.
Whether you're dealing with a tough day at work, a stressful situation, or just need to reset your mood, Don't Be Salty is the perfect solution. Use it as a candle or diffuser to create a calming and rejuvenating atmosphere that helps you let go of negativity and embrace positivity. Life is too short to let bad vibes consume you - choose Don't Be Salty and enjoy a more peaceful and uplifting experience.

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