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Khaki Reverie: Asymmetrical Collar Faux Leather Vest

Khaki Reverie: Asymmetrical Collar Faux Leather Vest

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Immerse yourself in the world of sophisticated style and conscious fashion with our "Khaki Reverie" Asymmetrical Collar Faux Leather Vest—a piece that transcends mere clothing, becoming a canvas for your individuality and ethical sensibilities.

Crafted from eco-friendly faux leather, this hip-length vest embodies your commitment to both fashion and the environment. The specific leather grain infuses authenticity and texture into the design, while the tonal smooth fabric interior ensures comfort that resonates with your discerning taste.

At the heart of its design, an asymmetrical traditional suit collar on both sides creates a focal point that challenges convention. It's a testament to your embrace of bold fashion choices that mirror your inner confidence and creativity.

Practicality meets elegance with the traditional faux pocket on the left chest and the two left and right hand pockets—design features that balance form and function seamlessly. The rear hem slit adds a touch of movement and sophistication, a flourish that reflects the thoughtful craftsmanship invested in the piece.

Pair this vest with the faux fur wrap skirt from the same collection to create an ensemble that's an ode to your distinctive style. Accentuate the narrative with the khaki green contrast shirt for a look that's not just stylish, but also a reflection of your commitment to fashion that's both captivating and conscious.

The "Khaki Reverie" Asymmetrical Collar Faux Leather Vest isn't just a clothing item—it's a statement of your values, your sophistication, and your unwavering dedication to a fashion narrative that's both captivating and ethically responsible.

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